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How To Grow A Beard | The Ultimate Guide


Looking to grow a beard? Well, regardless of whether they are shaggy, well-groomed, or just downright massive, beards can be a great addition to your physical appearance.

They improve your facial looks, protect your skin from sun damage, and undoubtedly make you more attractive, what's not to love? If you want to learn how to grow a beard but are unsure of where to begin, you've come to the right place.

Learning how to grow a beard is challenging, especially if you have little experience doing so. However, with some guidance and a little bit of practice, you will soon be able to witness your facial hair grow like never before.

According to statistics, nearly 80% of men in the UK lack the facial hair they desire. However, with the guidance in this article  alongside some effort and discipline, you will soon be on your way to growing the beard of your dreams.

This article will explain everything you need to know about growing a beard and how to take care of one. We will take you through an easy, step-by-step process to help give you the best chance of growing the beard of your dreams!

The 9 Key Steps to growing your perfect beard are outlined below:

1. Identify an Achievable Goal

Ben Affleck With A Beard Wearing A Suit With Red Text Behind Him That Says The Accountant

It is important to have a realistic goal before you start growing your beard. If you are just beginning, it is important to understand that growing a substantial beard can take years of discipline and consistency. 

Having an obtainable goal will make it much easier for you to accomplish the look you want, by providing an easy, achievable landmark that you can still be proud of.

The important thing is to take consistent photos of your beards' progress. Comparing photos of your beard through taking pictures monthly is the best indicator of progression, as well as providing some great motivation to keep on going.

Once your beard is long enough, your options for beard styles increase exponentially. Finding a suitable style that you like for each stage of the growth process is essential so you are comfortable with how your face looks throughout the journey.

2. Be Patient and Let it Grow

The most important lesson when learning how to grow a beard is to let it grow. It will take some time before your beard reaches the desired length.

If you are not patient and trim specific parts of your beard, this can lead to uneven growth, which will be difficult to trim properly.

However, with patience, the hair on your face will start forming a natural pattern of growth in the direction of your cheekbones, jawline, through your neck and eventually onto your chin. 

If this uneven growth is quite prominent however, consider having a barber professionally trim it for you, but make sure they trim as little as possible, remember, it takes time for your beard to grow, the more you trim it, the longer it will take to reach your goal.

3. Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

To maximise the rate at which your beard grows, you must also pay close attention to your overall lifestyle.  This section will explore the different aspects of your lifestyle and how they affect the healthy growth of your beard.

Image Of Someone Barbell Deadlifting Wearing Wrist Wraps. The Weight Plates Are Black And Say Rogue


You should try to keep a regular exercise regime, even if you have a busy schedule. 

Remember that the more often you exercise, the better the results for your facial growth. The benefits of exercise can be linked to the role of Testosterone. Keeping up with a consistent exercise routine will significantly accelerate the speed at which your facial hair will grow.

If you are not familiar with exercising, here are some easy exercises you can do daily to maintain and increase your health generally:

  • Weightlifting
  • Walking
  • Swimming
  • Cycling 


Getting enough sleep has a huge impact on the speed of facial hair growth. You should abide by the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep per night for optimal results.

If you are not sleeping well, your facial hair will not be healthy, which can slow or even stop growth altogether. It is also important to note that watching TV or scrolling through your phone late at night have an adverse impact on your beard due to exposure to artificial light.

Try to limit screen usage as much as possible, preferably to less than 4 hours a day and minimize using your phone in the evenings. This limits exposure to blue light, which can inhibits facial hair growth and hinders Testosterone production.


Smoking will undoubtedly have a negative impact on the health of your beard, as well as your health more generally. If you are already a smoker, you should stop as soon as possible to give your beard the best chance of growing. If you are not a smoker but have just started, you should  try to quit immediately ( within the first 21 days before it becomes too addictive).

The habit seriously hinders facial hair growth, as well as increases the risk of developing acne and zits. It will also lead to an decrease in total Testosterone levels, leading to male pattern hair loss and accelerating skin ageing by causing premature wrinkles and age spots.


Another significant factor in growing healthy facial hair is to try to avoid stress wherever possible. Beard growth is stimulated when the body is relaxed, and stress inhibits the beard’s ability to develop properly. Stress causes an increase in cortisol levels which leads to suppressed Testosterone levels

This, in conjunction with overactive adrenaline and progesterone, can lead to a decrease in beard follicles. Always remember that your body needs Testosterone to grow, and this applies to growing hair too.

Breathing exercises and meditation are excellent ways to quickly reduce your overall stress levels when feeling overwhelmed.

4. Conquer the Itching

You can use a high-quality beard balm to fight off the itch of your facial hair during the growth phase. It is quite common for men growing their beards to experience this, especially when the products they are using are not naturally derived, which can irritate the skin further.

You should always ensure that any beard balm or beard wash you use contains organic, naturally derived ingredients since this will limit your chances of experiencing itchiness or having dry and prickly facial hair.

5. Use the Right Products

Image Of A Handsome Young African American Man Combing A Well Groomed Beard

Using the right, high- quality products such as beard oils will keep your beard in its best condition. Consistent use of  the products below will leave you with a lush, well-groomed beard. They can help facial hair grow and give you a great-looking, healthy beard.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to be consistent with keeping your beard well-groomed, not only for it to look its best, but also to reduce discomfort as your beard grows. Try to get into a regular routine that you can fit into your daily lifestyle. 

Shampoo with a blend of beard oils- This is the cheapest way to keep your beard clean and fresh. Regular shampoos can be too harsh on the hair, cause beard itch, and can cause damage in the long-term. You may want to try a clarifying shampoo once in a while but for most men this isn’t necessary.

Beard Balm- This can significantly help with moisturising your skin, softening your beard hairs, as well as help with generally styling it too.

Conditioner with oils-These can be used alone or as a mixture with your shampoo and soap for even more conditioning benefits. Both are rich in nutrients and beeswax, which will leave your beard nice and smooth underneath all that grooming cream. Shave only as needed; every couple of days or when you feel it is necessary.

If you are still unsure about what product would be right for you, consider buying a beard grooming kit, which contains all the necessary tools and equipment to keep your beard in peak condition.

Our Top Pick for the Best Beard Grooming Kit is:

ZEUS Ultimate Beard Care Kit

  • Includes Everything Needed For A Well- Groomed, Comfortable, And Healthy Beard.
  • Naturally Derived Ingredients.
  • High Quality Accessories.
  • Alluring Scents To Choose From: Verbena Lime, Sandalwood, Vanilla Rum.

ZEUS Ultimate Beard Care Kit

  • Includes Everything Needed For A Well- Groomed, Comfortable, And Healthy Beard.
  • Naturally Derived Ingredients.
  • High Quality Accessories.
  • Alluring Scents To Choose From: Verbena Lime, Sandalwood, Vanilla Rum.

6. Don't Make Any Hasty Decisions

You don't want to make a poor, impulsive decision concerning your beard, only to regret it afterwards.

Once you get to the desired length for your facial hair, you can then decide on what style to choose, and how you should trim accordingly. Be cautious and make sure that at any given point in the growth process, every decision you take is one that you have thought about for at least a week. This reduces the chance of making a poor judgement that you cannot undo. You can also ask yourself these 3 questions when making a decision about what to do with your beard: 

  1. What part of my beard am I concerned about and why?
  2. Can I realistically do anything at this stage? 
  3. How long have I really thought about this decision that I am about to make?

If you are ever unsure about any of the 3 questions above, consult a barber! They know best about hair and can advise you on the best course of action depending on your individual circumstances.

7. Care for your beard properly

Portrait Shot Of Idris Elba Wearing a Navy Suit On A Beige Background

Once it has reached the desired length, your beard will look great when you maintain it properly. For the best results, you need to trim your facial hair at least once a week, though this does not need to be drastic. Getting a high quality beard trimmer should be the priority in this regard.

The hair on your face is prone to being damaged by cheap, low quality, imprecise trimmers, and this can ultimately ruin what you have been working hard to achieve.

Also, when trimming you should always douse your beard with wax or balm before applying soothing cream or oil to it. This will make your beard feel soft and prevent it from scratching against things such as your pillow or clothing, which are some common irritations for men at this stage.

8. Shape Your Beard to Your Liking

If you want to make your beard look good, the shape and style is something that you need to consider in great depth. Each beard has a unique starting shape. There are many factors that play a role in the default shape, however humidity, temperature and facial structure are the most significant ones.

These factors play a huge part in whether your beard looks naturally flawless, or a little unkempt. Regardless, getting professional help when it comes to beard shaping is necessary for all guys who are passionate about growing a beard they can be proud of. 

However, you should learn how to do basic beard maintenance on your own. Whilst barbers can style, groom, shape and trim your beard very well (depending on the barber at least), you should try to learn some basic trimming and shaping techniques to keep yourself tied over for longer. Learning these skills will save you money in the long-term by preventing the need to go to the barber regularly.

Learning these techniques will also help you practice shaping your beard to the style you love, and the one that matches your facial shape the best.

9. Brush It Out Regularly

Image Of Jamie Dornan With Well Groomed Hair And A Beard Wearing an Unbuttoned Blue Shirt and A Blue Jacket

A great beard needs constant care and attention. You should brush it roughly once a week, or even more depending on the particular style, for example a cleanly shaven goatee, or a long hipster beard require more work and attention.

Brushing will become more important as your beard develops. The bristles of your facial hair eventually get clogged once your beard has been growing for sufficiently long, thus making the hair strands stick together. A beard brush is an excellent tool to help detangle these beard hairs.

Once you finish brushing it out, take an old toothbrush and wipe the excess oil from the hairs on your face. You can also use a trimmer to get rid of the small hairs on the edges. Then reapply some conditioner on the area where you brushed out your beard. 

However, you don't need one in the early stages when you just have some stubble, but as your beard grows, a beard brush becomes more important as the longer hairs will become more easily entangled.

The Role of Hormones in Beard Growth

Hormones play a vital role in the thickening and general development of your beard. They are responsible for creating the Telogen phase and are very important in the formation of Anagen phase too. Your scalp produces a hormone called dihydrotestosterone that stimulates the development of hair. 

Testosterone also plays an immense role in the growth of facial hair. Typical testosterone levels for men range between 350-900 ng/L on average. 

Increasing your testosterone through natural supplementation has been widely proven to immensely increase beard growth.

Ultimately, the hormones you produce play a very significant part in your beards growth and development. If you have tried all the steps in this guide, and are still struggling to grow a beard, consider getting your testosterone levels checked by a doctor.

A lack of testosterone is a very common culprit if you really struggle to grow any sort of hair, facial or otherwise. It can make it next to impossible to grow any significant facial hair.

If you think you have low Testosterone, we strongly recommend the natural supplement below to significantly increase beard growth:

Our Top Pick for the Best Natural Testosterone Supplement is: 

TestoGen Natural Testosterone Supplement:

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TestoGen Natural Testosterone Supplement:

  • Significantly increases Beard Growth Through Increasing Testosterone Production
  • Safe And Natural Ingredients Backed By Clinical Studies. 
  • 100 Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • Free Worldwide Shipping.
  • the Complete Testosterone Support For Male Health And Wellness.

Understanding The Science Behind Beard Growth

The science behind growing any sort of hair involves three major phases. Each of these involves different processes and milestones.

The stages are:

  1. The Anagen phase
  2. The Catagen phase
  3. The Telogen phase       

1. Anagen Phase

Image Of How The Anagen Phase Works

This is the most active period of hair development, and where the most of the hair growth will occur

Initially, the hair follicle begins to produce new hair in a tiny bulbous area known as the Occipital Ring that sits on top of your skin. Stem cells in the follicle called the “bulge area” divide into daughter cells that make up healthy new hairs required for your hair to grow.

The bulge area also produces an enzyme known as the Hair Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH), which stimulates these stem cells to multiply rapidly and produce more hair follicles from which new hairs can grow. The circle of cells above this bulb grow upwards, forming a capillary network under the skin beneath where the bulb is located.

The Anagen phase is the most straightforward stage of the growth cycle. While this stage can last for years for the hair on the top of your head, this phase typically lasts between 2-6 years for the beard.

In this stage, the beard hair starts to become more visible. It is crucial to note that the length of these periods depend heavily on your genetics.

2. Catagen Phase

Image Of How The Catagen Phase Works

The Catagen phase is an irreversible stage of follicular development that lasts for 1-3 weeks, during which time the existing hair follicles will shrink and eventually cease production. A new cycle begins when the old hair follicle breaks open, called the Telogen phase, which takes place about 14 days after hair loss occurs via a process called shedding.

At this stage, very few hairs are produced. Instead, they are all shed at once and replaced with a new set of growing hairs from the bulge area. The new hairs are all the same size, thickness and colour as your original, old hairs.

3. Telogen Phase

Image Of How The Telogen Phase Works

The Telogen phase is the period of time after loss of hair occurs where the hair follicles are inactive. This is an inactive stage where no new hairs are being formed.

Your scalp and beard hair will not fall out during this period, and your hairs’ volume and density will remain completely unchanged. 

This phase can last anywhere from a few days to weeks, afterwards, you will experience a new hair growth cycle of Anagen and Catagen as described above.

Remember, the growth that happens when you shed hair is temporary, and this cycle of growth and shedding is what makes way for new, healthier hair to grow.

The Telogen phase usually lasts from 1-3 months, although it can last for up to 4 months or more in some cases. The actual time it takes varies from person to person. During this time, your hair grows slightly as it sheds, and may become slightly thicker at this stage.

The Best Diet for Growing a Healthy Beard

Having a balanced diet is one of the most underrated aspects of growing a beard. Not only will it help you feel better more generally, but the specific foods below can benefit how facial hair grows:

Image Of Healthy Foods Like Milk, Yogurt, Strawberry's, Potato's, Grapes, Bananas, Seeds, Carrots, peas, and Apples

Vegetables and fruits 

Broccoli, lettuce, cauliflower and fruit such as strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries contain vitamins and are high in fibre that help your body use the energy from food productively. The vitamins A, B, C, D and E found within these fruits may help to stimulate further beard development. 

Healthy fats 

Almonds, avocados and whole eggs contribute to the production of essential hormones like dihydrotestosterone and Testosterone.  Besides making your beard appear more healthy, they also eliminate dry skin by helping to get rid of dead skin cells.


Red meat and Seeds are excellent sources of zinc, which has been linked to the production of Testosterone.

Eat Enough Calories 

Many men underestimate the need for these nutrients in the growth of hair. Besides giving you moisturised skin and face, eating enough will also put your body in an anabolic (mass-building state), reduce hair loss, improve the blood flow, and generally guarantee you better health.

When you eat enough, you prevent your body from entering a catabolic (breaking down of cells) state, where growing a beard will not be impossible, but certainly more difficult.

Drink enough water 

This will help you rehydrate your skin so that clippers and beard trimmers will be less likely to cut you, remember, dry skin is sub-optimal for hair growth. The process is also dependent on how healthy the skin is; the person who has healthy skin can usually grow better-looking hair than someone who has dehydrated, wrinkled skin. 

With the application of this knowledge, you should find your beard growing much more easily, as well as your general skin quality increasing too, a win-win situation!

How Facial Cleanliness Influences Beard Growth

Image Of Ginger Haired Man Applying Beard Oil to a Well Maintained Beard In The Mirror

Beard growth can also be determined by how clean and well-maintained you keep your face and beard. The health of your skin is directly related to the health of your facial hair.

In order for facial hair to grow, there needs to be a healthy balance between the amount of sebum that gets produced on your skin, which is important for proper hair growth and maintenance, and the beard moisturising hormones that get released into the bloodstream as part of the production process. 

Sufficient moisture also means that beard hairs will not dry out or break off prematurely, potentially leaving you with uneven facial hair. Therefore, good hygiene habits are crucial in ensuring good beard health; they include shampooing your hair once or twice a week and alternating with dry shampoos on other days in order to prevent this type of patchy growth from happening.

3 Other Factors that Affect Beard Growth

The rate at which your facial hair develops can be affected by a vast amount of other factors as well. We have explored them below:

Image Of A Young Black Man With A Basketball With a Sharp Beard and Dreadlocks Also Wearing A Grey T shirt Under A Bridge

1. Genetics

As you have probably guessed by now, growing a beard is a process that varies widely from man to man, so it is important to understand the different types of genes associated with skin and hair growth. 

The most common gene that is known to affect beard hair is the HH gene, and it is also known as the Melanocortin-1 Receptor. This type of gene regulates how much Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is produced in your body, which helps in stimulating hair growth. Scientists have discovered that the LNX1 gene has been linked to the thickness of beard hair.

2. Age

The hormones that get released in your body during growth usually peak around the age of 20. It means that a beard slows down its growth as you get older. That being said, some men still manage to grow full beards at an older age, while others may find their facial hair to have gotten thinner or shorter over time and need a little extra help in order to maintain them at their current state or improve on them where required.

3. Ethnicity

Beards commonly vary depending on the male’s ethnicity. In the case of African American and Caucasian men, they have some of the strongest beards. Both races have comparatively more beard development when compared to the likes of Asian men.

This by no means suggests that Asian men cannot grow beards, but statistically speaking, beards among this group are less frequent. This can be linked to the genetic disparities between these races, and the consequential difference in rate of facial hair development.

Beard Care Products

There are a number of products that can help you grow thicker beards, we have researched and compiled the most effective products to help support growing a fantastic beard below:

1. Beard Oil

Using a few drops of beard oil is a great way to grow a thicker beard because it nourishes your skin and helps to reduce itchiness. It also revitalizes your beard and makes it more healthy. Beard oil can also be used to flatten as well as shape your beard to your liking as well. A few drops of the oil is enough to encourage hair growth, rejuvenate the skin , and enable you to try out different beard styles.

2. Beard Balm

Beard balm is very similar to beard oil, except that it is a thicker, more visceral version of oil with additional coats added on. Beard balms are used to treat skin dryness, redness and general itchiness. It nourishes the skin underneath and helps the beard become thicker and fuller, ultimately creating a healthy beard. 

3. Beard Combs

These combs are tools that have been specifically designed to help shape and straighten out your facial hair. It can be used to separate and distribute natural oils so that they can be absorbed by the roots. The combs also make it easier for people to style their shorter beards which are notoriously difficult to groom. 

In fact, many of these combs are designed for shorter beards due to the length of human hair and how hard it is to manage it generally. Ultimately, beard combs are excellent for taking care of the skin underneath while helping to make the beard soft.

Man With Ginger Hair Having Beard Oil Applied To His Beard

4. Beard Shampoo

Beard hair shampoo is a must-have accessory, since it helps to increase blood circulation and prevents any dirt or oil build-up, which can cause breakouts in spots and zits.

Further, it will also help your beard look less oily and more presentable too. Depending on the final look you want, this type of shampoo can be an excellent tool in reducing the coarseness and discomfort caused by facial hair growth.

5. Beard Growth Kits

Besides giving you a vibrant and perfect beard, beard kits can give you all the tools you need to help augment growth, as well as style and shape your beard as required. These kits contain everything you need to help enhance your beards development and quality. Great beards accentuate a sharp and presentable face shape, and these products help you achieve that. 

Our pick for the top beard growth kit:

Copenhagen Grooming Beard Growth Kit

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Copenhagen Grooming Beard Growth Kit

Scientifically Proven Formula - In A Clinical Study This Kit: 

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2. Led to 55% Faster And More Dense  Beard Growth.

3. Led To 10% More Hair Thickness.

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4. Safe And Natural Ingredients.

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Beard Growth FAQs

This section explores some of the common questions people ask about beard growth. We have attempted to answer them with as much detail and proven-evidence as possible.

Is there a trick to growing a beard?

The answer is unfortunately no.  Whilst there is no magical serum that will help to grow your beard overnight, these Testosterone supplements have been shown to be extremely effective in helping men augment their beard growth who have lower testosterone levels. 

One aspect of beard grooming that is often overlooked is to find a good barber that understands the style you are going for. These barbers can potentially transform patchy beards into sharp, good-looking in a matter of weeks. 

Does trimming  speed up  beard growth?

A very important part of growing a beard is letting it grow in the way that nature intended. However, some people have tried to speed up the process by trimming their entire beards. This is an unfortunate practice as it disrupts the natural growth of a beard and may lead to irritation and painful ingrown hairs. 

This can cause dermatological problems and sometimes even lead to infection if trimming is done incorrectly (cuts caused by shaving can easily become infected). We advise that you do not risk damaging your hair follicles for this unfounded claim that is not supported by scientific literature. 

Instead, by visiting an experienced barber, you can get them to trim and clip your neck and cheek hair. This will accentuate and define your beard's shape, potentially making it appear more prominent.

Image Of An Older Black Man With A Water Bottle Wearing Running Clothing With a Long White Beard And a Sea In The Background

Should you trim your facial hair or leave it alone?

This is a difficult question to answer, as, yet again, it depends on the style the individual is trying to achieve. Many men trim their beard regularly for hygiene purposes; others might have specific ideas about how they want their beards to look when they grow them out, and regular trimming is a prerequisite of getting this sought-after look, whatever that may be. 

While most men won’t encounter any problems if they let the hairs grow naturally, trimming down a beard can help those with a few hairs that are growing out of control and have become difficult to manage. 

Trimming down part or all of the facial hair is a relatively simple process. So should you trim it or leave it alone? It is best to look at what style you are going for, as different styles have different requirements for trimming and general maintenance. 

For example a “Royale Beard” requires significantly more trimming in order to keep its shape well defined, whereas a “short boxed beard” requires significantly less work. 

So to answer: It depends on the style of the beard you want to achieve, how much experience you have shaving, and the amount of spare time you have to trim it properly.

Are beards dirty?

Jake Gyllenhaal Beard

Beards can certainly be unsanitary, especially when improperly maintained. If you neglect washing it, naturally, it will become dirty again quickly.

However, washing your hair regularly and paying close attention to the condition of your beard will mean that, like any other hair on your body, you can keep it clean indefinitely. 

Beards have very little oil in the skin where they grow, so the best way to keep your face and neck clean is by washing gently with soap and water often in order to help control excess oil production, which can be unpleasant for men with significant facial hair.

Can you grow a beard naturally?

Depending on your genetics, diet, and general lifestyle, it is perfectly feasible to be able to grow an amazing beard naturally. However, it is important to note that every man's facial structure, genetics, and general lifestyle is different, and so the rate at which ones' beard develops will vary greatly.

For example, some people simply have more hair follicles than others, which means that more hairs grow at once on their face, which allows more growth than someone with less naturally occurring hair follicles.

However, following and implementing the steps and recommendations outlined in this guide will not only significantly increase your  rate of beard development, but also help to properly maintain and shape one to your liking.

Do beard oils really work?

Beard oils are certainly a great tool to have in your arsenal, but they are only effective only insofar in helping to keep your beard soft and comfortable, their ability to help beard development is mostly negligible. Many of the oils contain moisturisers and proteins to keep your skin soft, which hugely improves the condition and well-being of your beard. 


Image Of Oscar Isaac With a Long, Well Maintained Beard With A White Background

Beards have always been a timeless statement for men. One of the best things about growing a beard is that as time goes on, more and more amazing styles are being cultivated and developed, giving you more inspiration to find your perfect look!

We strongly believe that there is a perfect beard for every man, whether that be a little bit of stubble to accentuate your jawline, or a huge beard that makes a powerful statement.

Whether you are learning how to grow a beard for the first time or simply want to enhance your beard, we understand that it can be overwhelming. However, with so many different types to choose from, we here at Expert Beards  are ready to guide you every step of the way, we have no doubt that you will find one that you love. 

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of the steps you can take to grow and  start caring for your beard. Now that you are an official beardsman (congratulations!) , you can apply the knowledge and research from this article to create a jaw-dropping beard, whatever that looks like for you. 

Of course, everyone has their own specific needs when it comes to working with their facial hair, but we hope you now have a better understanding of the processes and science behind growing a serious, awe -inspiring beard, whatever that looks like for you. 

Check out our other article about the top 5 tips on how to speed up beard growth

You're as sharp and tough as a beard, so stay up-to-date with Expert Beards to keep looking your best.

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See you out there! 



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