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5 Tips To Speed Up Beard Growth


Age, genetics and lifestyle play a crucial and significant role in beard development. 

People say, "If your father went bald prematurely, chances are you will too." It's not that genetics can guarantee everything - just because your dad had a long, healthy beard doesn't automatically mean you'll have the same gorgeous beard. 

Let's just say that your lineage can be an indicator of your beard's overall health and quality. Low testosterone and DHT levels can also play an essential role in determining beard growth.

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How long does it take to grow a full beard?

Man with beard looking backwards on a road before entering a tunnel

The average man's beard grows a half inch a month. Some men will see slower rates than this while others could achieve rates of up to an inch a month. 

Your facial hair grows by factors including your genetics, your testosterone and DHT levels, your lifestyle habits or your body’s response to hormones to support beard growth. 

It is generally assumed your beard grows as fast as the hair on your head. However, most men's beards actually grow faster than scalp-hair and the beard is very different.

Nevertheless, it is important to be realistic with the speed of beard growth, and by understanding the normal rate, you can set measurable and achievable targets for your own beard.

Many factors determine your beard's health and growth rate, so it's hard to give you a single answer. But let's look at the growing process and establish a timeline for facial hair growth.

Beard growth stages:
Once you stop shaving, you can expect your beard to grow in stages. In some areas, hair may grow thicker and faster. Be patient, though, as this is normal for most men.

  1. The first stage of facial hair growth stage lasts about seven days. Your beard structure is taking shape, and by the end of the week, you should know roughly how fast your beard will grow.
  2. This stage includes the following two weeks. You will definitely observe a growth pattern that will let you know if any irregularities can be expected within your beard.
  3. This takes another two weeks; you should have significant beard growth by the end. If you still don't have a lot of facial hair at this time, a full beard may not be on the agenda for you.
  4. You are well into your second month of beard growth. It will probably be time to see a barber for a trim and define the shape you want.
  5. From two months, beard growth should slow down. Now is the time to decide if you want to commit to maintaining a full beard.

You can find a more in depth explanation of the different beard growth stages in out article: "How to Grow a Beard | The Ultimate Guide"

Five Tips to Speed Up Beard Growth:

Bearded man on a hike looking out over field

TIP 1: Overhaul your diet:

A healthy and balanced diet will encourage a beautiful full beard by providing all the nutrients your body needs.

 Choose protein-rich products such as white meats, fish or eggs to promote hair growth. Also, remember to eat lots of whole grains and fruits and vegetables - they are full of vitamins and minerals! 

Meanwhile, salmon is rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids and is a formidable weapon for strengthening hair at the root. Another even more intriguing advantage is its composition of methionine and cystine, two amino acids that make it possible to manufacture keratin, which makes up 95% of your beard hair.

Returning to eggs - eggs are amazing for hair, skin and nails. You are not supposed to smear egg in your hair and beard (although it might give it a good condition!) but because your body absorbs the right foods. Eggs are a good source of keratin, which promotes hair growth and repairs hair damage.

Eat foods with high levels of B vitamins

Vitamin B8, also known as Biotin, plays an essential role in synthesizing fatty acids and proteins. Biotin is beneficial for the skin and the hair system. It is present in certain foods such as soy, liver, egg yolk, milk or oats. 

Vitamin B3 stimulates blood circulation and contributes to the beauty of your skin and hair. It is found, for example, in beans, mushrooms or brewer's yeast. The latter also contains vitamin B5, which promotes the regeneration of skin cells and contributes to the growth of your hair. It is also found in fish, beef, poultry and milk.
Young man with beard wearing a blue shirt smiling

Treat Yourself To Some Boron

Have you ever heard of boron before? It is a trace mineral linked with the production of testosterone and DHT levels. Make raisins your favorite snack if you want to maximize your new hair growth as these little dried grapes are naturally high in boron.

Drink A Lot Of Water 

Drink plenty of water when taking Biotin. This prevents dry skin and pimples. Biotin strengthens the proteins in your hair, skin and nails. 

Biotin helps all of these become more robust and grow faster - you will probably notice improvements in your nails first but a fuller beard is just around the corner!

Tip 2: Try Minoxidil

Minoxidil is one of the most well-known drugs for its beneficial effects on men's facial hair (it is also used to treat women with alopecia). Minoxidil is a vasodilator (dilates blood vessels) particularly effective in stimulating healthy hair regrowth to be used locally on the beard area in liquid or foam. 

More specifically, Minoxidil promotes hair loss at the end of life, in the telogen phase, and causes new healthy hair growth in the anagen phase.

One to two daily local applications of Minoxidil on the beard area are recommended, using the concentrated solution at 5% for men.

 Apply with a very light massage. The results of a Minoxidil hair treatment are initially reflected by loss of body hair at the end of the cycle after a few weeks. 

Don't worry because this initial acceleration is part of the process triggered by Minoxidil to activate regrowth.

The beneficial results of Minoxidil are visible from four to five months of treatment. Your new beard should look noticeably healthier. After six months to one year, loss of hair was significantly reduced in 1 out of 3 patients.

TIP 3: Stimulate beard growth by improving circulation

Bearded man gets face massage
Blood circulation is an essential element for a glorious beard, especially for a beard that grows well. Poor blood circulation is one of the most common reasons for patchy facial hair.

Indeed, the blood circulation will directly impact hair follicles, the roots in which the hair of the beard grow. 

To put it simply, if the blood circulation is poor, then facial hair follicles will not have enough fuel to grow beard hair. Then the beard hair will be poor quality, and will either break easily or fall out before it even grows properly.

Good blood supply promotes:

  • Luxuriant beard growth
  • Strong hair
  • Shiny hair

Use a good quality bristle brush to groom your beard every day to improve blood circulation as it offers many benefits to facial hair as well as scalp hair.

The bristles will massage the dermis deeply, immediately positively affecting blood circulation.

 We recommend brushing your beard twice a day, morning and evening and exfoliating once a week to remove dead skin cells and to stimulate hair growth. Once the blood flow is well activated, hair follicles will be healthier. 

The enhanced blood flow will inevitably impact the quality of the hair: it will be stronger, more robust and shinier. In the end, you will have a beautiful beard especially if you look after it and condition it with moisturizing beard oils. Further, brushing is a great way to reduce the dreaded beard itch!

TIP 4: Buy Beard Growth Supplements:

The SideKick:

A 250 day supply of "The SideKick" by Copenhagen Grooming is another effective promotion of faster beard growth. It is a vitamin tablet that helps grow a beard faster from within. 

The eight-month supply of tablets contains 27 nutrients and vitamins that can aid beard growth. Take one tablet daily with water during a meal. The unique blend of nutrients of the SideKick is designed to work alongside The Beard Growth Kit by Copenhagen Grooming and give your beard growth a solid boost.

Deficiency in vitamins and minerals can lead to facial hair loss or a sparse and patchy beard, but this supplement will have you covered on all basis to ensure your body receives all the necessary vitamins to grow a long and healthy beard.

The sidekick beard growth supplement

Copenhagen Grooming The Sidekick (250 Days Supply)


If you've researched beard growth or maintenance for more than five minutes, you've most likely found Biotin But what exactly does Biotin do for a beard?

Studies have shown that Biotin can improve facial hair (and nail) growth over time.  Regular supplementation of Biotin over time will help strengthen and thicken hair. 

How does it work?

Biotin or Vitamin B7 helps break down nutrients in the body and metabolize them into useful forms of energy. It contributes in particular to the production of keratin, the main protein present in the hair. 

For example, some studies have shown that regular vitamin B7 can help thicken facial hair. However, this only concerns people suffering from a vitamin deficiency. 

In addition, by helping to break down the fats, carbohydrates and proteins that you ingest, Biotin contributes, like brewer's yeast, to keratin production, which will lead to stronger and thicker hair - a full, sleek beard.

If your diet does not contain enough vitamin B7, you are at risk of suffering from deficiencies. This is because your body cannot synthesize Biotin, so it must be ingested via your diet. 

Supplements can be beneficial; if your diet lacks Biotin-rich foods, you should take a supplement to help boost your B7 levels.
Best Naturals Biotin

Best Naturals Biotin (1 Year Supply)

Tip 5: Get more sleep:

Sleep is essential for growing facial hair. Indeed, during the night, your skin regenerates, and the growth of your hair is optimal. 

Therefore, insomnia interferes with the regeneration of your cells and affects the development of your beard hair. 

In addition, sleep will help reduce your stress. To promote the growth of your hair, it is imperative to get enough sleep and to have plenty of high-quality sleep. 

An average of seven to eight hours of sleep per night is ideal. A lack of sleep or poor quality sleep may affect beard growth or even promote baldness!

And this is borne out by science. A lack of sleep can adversely affect hormones involved in hair production and general well-being. A University of Chicago study carried out from 2003 to 2009 confirmed scientists' suspicions - daytime testosterone levels - vital for male hair development - are negatively affected by disturbed sleep.

Another study confirmed the relationship between rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and testosterone secretion in normal men.


In short, there is no miracle cure to growing a beard. The best thing to do is have a healthy lifestyle (a balanced diet with lots of lean protein, exercise and plenty of sleep) and be patient (if you are young) since your hair can still develop until you are around 30 years old.

After this age, if a full beard still does not adorn your face, you should consider going to see a doctor to get your testosterone levels checked.

But, as this article shows, you can potentially speed up facial hair growth with simple amendments to your lifestyle like prioritizing sleep, improving your diet, facial circulation, as well as ensuring your body receives all the nutrients it needs to function properly through supplementation. 

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