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Expert Beards was founded in dedication to helping people find effective, easy, and straightforward solutions to their beard problems, whether this be struggling to grow a beard, groom one, or a multitude of other issues, we're here to help! Our main goal is to educate our readers about the most effective tips, tricks, solutions and products that you can use to keep your beard in its best condition.

Our team of knowledgeable and dedicated researchers are constantly searching for the latest and best beard products on the market. Consequentially, we guarantee that you will receive the best quality, most accurate information about these products.

We thoroughly hope you enjoy our website, and we want to say a big "Thank You!" for your support so far on this amazing journey.

The Expert Beards Team  🙂

Morgan Banks


Hey guys, I'm Morgan! Ever since I was a child, my father and older brother introduced me into playing football and rugby. Since then, I learned that being physically active is essential in maintaining a healthy body and mind. 

Everything was going well until I entered college, where I looked significantly younger than all the other guys which really negatively affected my self - esteem.

Instead of having the confidence to build new friendships (and more importantly ask my crush on a date), I chose to stay at home because I was so embarrassed of people saying I had a "Baby face". 

Those were hard days...

After going back and forth with dermatologists and trying out tons of products, I was ready to give up. That was until a friend of mine introduced me to a well-written article about real beard growth products, how they worked, and where I could buy them, that I saw huge improvements to my beard, to finally have one that I am proud of.

I started this website to help others like my younger self, to help those trying to make sense of the mind-numbing amounts of information and products about how to grow and groom your beard properly. 

My mission with this website is to provide you with the most up-to-date, informative, and relevant articles about how to grow and groom a beard that anyone would be in awe of.

Black and White Portrait of a Smiling Bald Bearded Man

Cameron Gardner

Chief Content eDITOR

Hiya, my name is Cameron, as you may be able to tell already, I too am a beard enthusiast,  and when Morgan told me what he was doing with this website, I knew I wanted to be a part of it.

For me, a beard does not just tell someone you refuse to shave! Instead it tells someone you are not afraid of expressing yourself,  and with so many different beard styles possible, I truly believe every guy should at least try to see whether a beard will suit them. 

Like Morgan, I too struggled with beard growth when I was younger, being obsessed with Greek mythology and seeing the likes of Zeus, and Poseidon with almighty beards only made me more determined to have a beard. I started to study what actually caused beard growth, I think it paid off? 

My Mission at Expert Beards is to quality check all of our articles, as well as make sure they are the absolute best they can possibly be, so that you, our amazing readers, can also enjoy the benefits of having a striking, well defined beard.

Portrait Of A Smartly Dressed Young Woman

Molly Lynch

Head of Marketing

Hello everyone, whilst I may be physically lacking in the beard department, my knowledge of the industry is certainly not. I have worked in marketing, specifically the healthcare industry, for over 10 years at this point, and I have loved every second of it!

I really love the work we are doing at Expert Beards. From "myth-busting" to informational articles and everything in-between, I really hope you stick around in this amazing journey of ours. 

My Mission at Expert Beards is to show you just how amazing we really are, and to be able to make sure we reach a wide audience who can see the amazing work we do here.

Portrait Of a Bearded Ginger Man Wearing Glasses Looking Upwards

Jack Wallace


As soon as I heard about this website, I knew I wanted to write for it. I felt this to be my calling *cringe* I know, but I really mean it. It combined my passion for beards with my passion for writing!

The content we are working on day- in and day- out is really something else that the industry has not seen before. 

Centralizing all of this great knowledge into easy-to-understand and informative articles is something that I, and the wider team, pride ourselves in.

Look out for me at the bottom of  our articles, and I really hope you guys enjoy learning how to grow a healthy and awesome beard. 

Thanks 🙂

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